Heartland Billing LLC- Outsourcing Solutions

Heartland Billing Services mission is to provide a family like relationship while maintaining the utmost professional quality designed to fit each client as an individual.

We strive to decrease the staff's frustrations and aid in a healthy relationship between the physician and the staff. Regardless of practice size, we can assist you in maintaining a healthy practice: with over 20 years of experience and continuing education we are the answer you have been seeking!

Heartland Billing Services

  • Electronic filing of primary and secondary claims
  • Patient statements
  • Online Credit Card payments
  • All appeals
  • Chart Audits
  • Credentialing
  • Medicare | HIPAA | Red Flag compliance
  • ICD-10 knowledge
  • and much more

Heartland Billing Services and our physicians share a common goal of ensuring prompt payments with little or no delay. Utilizing teamwork, and our tried and true method of persistence and communication with insurance companies and third party payers, ensures our goals will be met and maintained. HBS proposes to provide the highest quality of service with ease and assurance that all transactions are handled professionally. We have experience with multiple clearinghouses as well as access to billing/filing tools to aid in providing the best service possible.

Some of our specialty areas include:

  • Dermatology
  • Chiropractic
  • Psychiatry
  • OB/GYN   and more..



Why Outsource Your Billing?

  • Improves patient care by allowing the focus to remain on the patient
  • Reduces billing errors by having staff 100% dedicated and trained on billing
  • Improves cash flow by having a continuous flow of claims regardless of staff attendance
  • Decrease labor and operational cost by saving thousands on salaries, benefits, training, turnover, supplies, continuing education, and much more
  • Increase revenue by reducing costly errors and maintaining correct clean claims the first time
  • Improve patient satisfaction by allowing the front staff more positive person to person interaction